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Benefit from Developing a Laser Marking Machine

Benefit from Developing a Laser Marking Machine. With the maturity of laser technology, the cutting plate type and thickness have been significantly improved.
Apart from the inherent advantages of efficiency, quality, and flexibility, laser engraving technology has gradually become popular in the construction machinery industry and now has become indispensable an important advanced processing technology.

In the medical industry, identification codes are mainly embodied in medical equipment because the inkjet marking method is easily omitted.
The medical industry needs products that are able to control product quality.
And can also prevent unscrupulous businesses from going from some unhealthy medical products to hospitals that endanger human health. Hence, laser marking has become a new technology to subvert the medical industry as it has the advantages of contactless processing, environmental friendliness, anti-shedding, etc.
Benefit from Developing a Laser Marking Machine.
The use of laser marking machines for marking on medical equipment such as steel surgical instruments and dental instruments makes them easier to read.

The main character of the laser marking system

  • It is a laser marking machine manufactured by the most advanced laser technology in the current world.
  • Marking Speed ​​Higher, Marking High Precision.
  • High Performance, Easy to Operate.
    Based on the computer, it’s easy to mark anything you want.
  • High-Quality Laser Ensures the Best Marking.
  • Zero Maintenance, No Consumables.
    Runs reliably for up to 100,000 hours and works less than 0.5KW.

Main advantages of laser engraving machine:

Laser engraving machine has a small cutting gap, less waste, high accuracy, and can cut, engrave all kinds of complicated shapes.
Laser engraving speed fast, accurate positioning, will not damage the mechanical surface, more suitable for medium and thin precision plates, high-speed cutting.
And the noise and vibration of the laser engraving machine are very small.
There is no pollution to the processing environment, and will not cause a health hazard to processing personnel.

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