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Best Pest Repellants You Should Use

A significant amount of home damage can be caused by pests and it is even worse knowing that disease can be spread by them quite easily. To help control the amount of annoying pests that you see in your home, you need to implement various methods to eliminate them. Below are some of the best repellents that your Florida home should utilize because pest control in Central Florida is as necessary as air conditioning.

The Improvised Pest Trap

When you incorporate an improvised pest trap, you are using a humane method in repelling pests. These traps are commonly used to capture rodents such as rats and mice. Although the trap is a great method to use on pests, there are some that kill them and others do not.

The Liquid Chemical Pest Repellent

The liquid chemical repellent is an efficient way to eliminate home pests. When the chemical repellent is used, insects and rodents can be eliminated. However, the chemical used will be for specific pests and will only keep them away and have no effect on other pests. It is important to keep these chemicals out of the reach of children because of their hazardous nature and to avoid accidental ingestion.

The Solid Pesticide Repellent

A solid pesticide can immediately poison the pest.This can be a great way to eliminate a colony of pests. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the location of the that you know where the pests will need to be removed from. A downside of pesticide use is their toxicity and its special handling so that poisoning can be avoided. Ensure that protection is used while spreading the repellent and ensure that the area is well ventilated.

Bait Repellent

Using bait repellent is an effective method to incorporate poison in pest removal.This bait can be centered around all types of pests such as termites, ants, mice, and rats. This bait can have a flavor that the pests love and when it is ingested, the substance will kill them. However, you need to ensure that the poison is covered completely so that ingestion takes place and the bait is not avoided by the pest.

Implement a Biological Repellent

Implementing a biological repellent is a method that will not have any environmental impact. The biological repellent is able to manage a pest population that is within your home so that the amount growing can be restricted. The biological repellent is able to disrupt the breeding ability of the pest. Some examples of this involve the use of nematodes that can eliminate termites or a larvicide that can easily prevent mosquito infestations.

Implementing an Oil-Based Repellent

If you want to forego the chemical-based repellents, then a natural type will be the way to go. These repellents involve the use of plants that naturally repel insects so that they do not enter the home. Another natural repellent can include citronella oil, which is great to keep areas of the skin protected. When used the right way, using an essential oil can repel many pests naturally.

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