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In recent years, many women have learned to be more open to their sexual interests and this has led to the liberation of a lot of people. A few years ago, a lot of women are always very much skeptical when it comes to talking expressively about their sexual status, interest fantasies particularly when it comes to the use of sex toys and satisfiers.

It is important that people understand that sex toys is not a threat to your marriage’s sexual intercourse, it is even an added spice to every individual’s sex life. MyLily, specifically specializes in adding spice to sexual activity in the home, and that is why I am glad to tell you today that if you have not experienced those fantasies, you have always had in your head, it is time to visit My Lily’s store.

Often time, people ask the question of “why sex toys”.

People who are shy about their sexual urges, find it difficult to explore and look for solutions even when the solution they wanted is all over the place around them. For different sexual reasons, many people have lost their sanity, lost their marriages, and even been drawn into depression. The moment some people are unable to satisfy their sexual urge, then it leads to something else.

Interestingly, My Lily in their last research has realized that people who often make use of their sex toys, get a better and healthier sex lifestyle. Even various health practitioners confirmed it.

What sex toy should I use?”

For many people who would love to make decisions on the right sex toy to use, or choosing a particular sex toy, you need to be able to answer these questions.

1. Why do you want a sex toy?

Being able to make decisions regarding why you need a particular thing is one of the best ways in choosing the right thing that you need. Because if you do not know why you need something, it would really be difficult to decide on what you need particularly. A child who does not know what he or she wants to do with money will never know what amount of money would be enough.

2. Do you want waterproof or not?

Whether you want a waterproofed toy or not is another thing you need to consider before you make a purchase. Various products with different usage and instructions on how to effectively use them. If you are the type who enjoys using your toy in the bath tub a cozy environment, or in your Jacuzzi, then a waterproof Sex Toy is your best choice.

3. Do you want it vibrating or not?

How about feelings and ecstasy? For an individual who wants intense pleasure, a vibrating device might be your best choice. For some considerations, using a vibrating sex toy, might not be possible in a public environment, so if you would love to satisfy your sexual urge whenever they arise regardless of the environment, then you might want to get something that would make less noise when in use.

4. What about the size preference?

Now, this is the topic many women always shy away from. Nothing is shameful about the size of the dildo or vibrator that works for you. Prioritizing your pleasure and sexual satisfaction should be your priority, hence you need not be ashamed of the particular size or inches you prefer. However, your choice of size will determine what you would go for.

All these filters will help you make the right decision when it comes to the choice of sex toys.

Many people believe that sex toys can be used only for masturbation in the case where a person is dissatisfied with their partner. On the contrary, if you start to make love simultaneously as you use sex toys, you will not only increase your enjoyment levels, but you will also increase your partner’s pleasure level. We are all human beings who have a desire to surprise our partners in bed and give them maximum enjoyment.

Sex toys give the user, as well as the partner the opportunity to reach the highest levels of sexual satisfaction, putting both parties on the same page as far as sexual satisfaction is concerned. They get to know more about each other and not only that, but they also now know how, where and what part of the body of their partner will bring them sexual excitement early and easily. Understanding this is one breakthrough that many marriages do not have.

Married people are not left out in the picture, as My Lily store has products that are specially designed, to add love, light, and energy to the bedroom activities between two partners. Imagine your partner in that sexy lingerie that turns you on immediately she enters the room, or that sensation you feel, when your partner jumps into bed with you, with your favorite sex toy in his hand, announcing the arrival of sensational sexual satisfaction. You can never know how great an experience might be until you try it, the same way you can never know the best sex toy to introduce into your bedroom until you try it.

Asking your partner questions about their choice of sex toys, having conversations about your partner’s fantasies, exploring these fantasies, and deriving pleasurable outcomes, are one of the factors that strengthen relationships. You want to give it a trial in your bedroom, then contact My Lily store.  Spicing up your sex life is a personal decision everyone must make, and a decision you must be intentional about. There is no crime trying something new, and there are absolutely lots of benefits that you could get.

The good thing about My Lily is that the store provides you with various sex toys and pleasure gadgets that women can choose from, for their own sexual satisfaction. The prices are very affordable, and to crown it all, these products can be delivered to your home in time and with utmost privacy on your identity.

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