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Frequent Outdoor Activities? Here are the Right Hair Care and Makeup Tips for Outdoor Activities

Musty hair seems to be a problem for a lot of girls, doesn’t it? Especially if you remember that we live in a tropical country with the sun shining brightly. Not to mention the matter of dust and pollution on the streets. We who every day have to move outside the home, certainly more often experience musty hair. In fact, it could be that you washed your hair this morning, but in the afternoon your hair automatically becomes musty due to sweating and lots of outdoor activities.|

Use Hair Mist to Maintain Hair Fragrance

There is a solution to our anxiety, namely hair mist. Hair mist is a hair spray that is used to make hair smell good again. Not only that, hair mist also has a myriad of nutrients to restore hair softness. For that, let’s see, what are the benefits of hair mist for your hair care!

1. Scent and Nourish Hair

Often times we still confuse the difference between hair mist and hair fragrance. In fact, the two are very different, you know! Hair mist is a hair spray that contains complete vitamins to nourish and moisturize the hair shaft. Meanwhile, hair fragrance is a hair perfume that only serves to give a fragrant aroma. So, if we use hair mist, then the benefits are not only the hair becomes more fragrant, but also moist and well-nourished.

2. Untangling Tangled Hair

Have you ever had trouble unraveling braids or buns because they were too tangled? Maybe you’ve also remembered how difficult it is to straighten your hair after a tease. In this case, if the hair is too tangled, it will be difficult to comb or even untangle. To reduce the pain of unraveling tangled hair, you can spray hair mist all over the hair strands. Then, comb slowly while spraying again a few times if the tangled hair has not been unraveled.

3. Protects Hair from Styling Effects

It is undeniable that every day we often use styling products. For example, straighteners and hair dryers. If you use it often, then your hair can become dry and fall out, as well as reduce nutrition. Therefore, to ensure that your hair remains healthy and protected from styling effects, you can use hair mist as a nutritional enhancer and make your hair smell nice and soft.

4. Softens Coarse and Bloated Hair

If you have an unruly hair type, it’s easy to get rough and fluffy, then the vitamins in the hair mist are very helpful. Try it, spray hair mist into the hair strands. Guaranteed, you will get the softness back.

5. Gives Hair a Natural Shine

Exposure to dust and pollution ultimately makes us lose the natural shine of our hair. If you have this, usually the hair looks limp and unhealthy. Well, try hair mist to restore the natural shine of the hair. Hair that was initially dull and dry can return to shine again.

Hair Care is very important for the health of your hair. Therefore, make sure you useĀ Hair Cosmetics for the health of your hair.

The Right Makeup Tips for Outdoor Activities

For workers, outdoor activities have the risk of being exposed to the sun more often. Especially if the employee’s obligation is indeed assigned to work outside the room, it is usually a bit complicated to determine what kind of makeup to wear. In certain professions, apart from working outdoors, they are also required to appear with makeup.

Then, what is the right way to apply makeup when you are outdoors?

Makeup right for outdoor workers?

It’s better to wear minimal make-up. If you work outside every day, avoid using foundation because it will cover the pores.

Is there any other alternative besides foundation to cover up facial flaws?

If you still want to stick with something that covers imperfections or uneven colors on your face, you can choose lighter ones such as BB (Blemish Balm) cream or CC (Color Correcting) cream.

You can get this range of hair care and makeup products online at the Roxie website. Check the best price and quality offers, as well as make shopping easy and safe!

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