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Handy dandy things to add to your storage collection

In the times of organization and storing everything in boxes to make it look overseeable and neat, we might all have some sort of a collection going on at this point. A collection of storage boxes, bottles, and jars is what I’m talking about of course. Most of these items are often made out of plastic, some people like to have them in a glass form. You decide on that, but here are some things I’d suggest you add to your storage.


You might have a lot of them already and if that is the case, you can ignore this part, or read it and improve. You can use jars for so many things, you can use them to empty the sugar bag into or maybe put your washing powder in there. If maybe some of those scented wax melt or maybe even some matches to light the candles for those with. Apothecary jars are very diverse and can be used for many things.

Dropper bottles

You might use hair oil and don’t know how to measure the right amount you need to use. A dropper bottle might come in handy for you then! Glass ones look amazing on display, you can get those at wholesale glass dropper bottles or try to find them online or at a drugstore. They also come in handy for fluids in your skincare routine. Maybe you’re someone who likes a drop of perfume on their wrists which a dropper bottle is also perfect for. There are many things you can do with it.

Cereal boxes

Maybe you know of their existence already and you just don’t have them, maybe you have them, or maybe you don’t know anything about them. I call them reusable cereal boxes but I’d imagine that’s not what they’re called. They’re just hard plastic containers with a lid that you can click open halfway through to pour out things from. I’d imagine someone using them for cereal, or sugar, maybe sprinkles, though they might be a bit big for that. I bet they have them in many different sizes though.


When washing your hair you just need a dime-size amount of shampoo. Some people find it, again, hard to measure out the right amount. Maybe some of those bottles with a pump are great for you to have. You just pour your shampoo into them and use one or two pumps of the product every time you use it. And it also looks very cute on the shelf.

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