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How expensive is a divorce?

The breakdown of a marriage is an enormously stressful and emotional moment for the majority of individuals. If your marriage has ended and you need to divorce, you may be curious about the cost of divorce in the United Kingdom. AM Mediators Doncaster

This is a major concern for many individuals. How expensive is a divorce? Do I have to employ solicitors? What else will I have to pay for?

This page explains the financial cost of divorce, including how much you may have to pay in divorce-related expenses and fees. It will also explain what assistance is available for low-income individuals to decrease or pay these costs.

What are the court costs?

In April 2022, the divorce filing fee in England and Wales will be £99. In April 2022, the divorce regulations changed, and one party is no longer required to blame the other for the divorce. If both of you agree that you desire a divorce, you may submit a joint divorce application.

The same price applies to both joint and individual applications. However, if only one of you is eligible for fee assistance, it may be in your best interest for that individual to submit a separate application. We shall explain why in the next section.

Do I need attorneys to represent me in court for my divorce?

The new divorce laws set to take effect in April 2022 are meant to eliminate the need for most court hearings in divorce cases. For instance, it is no longer necessary to establish that one of you has committed an offence (such as adultery or unreasonable behaviour) or that you no longer live together as a married pair. No longer can one party oppose or obstruct the divorce. This has historically prolonged procedures and raised the expense of hiring attorneys to fight your case in court.

Few divorces now entail legal proceedings. The application form is meant to be as easy as possible to complete and may be submitted online. Nevertheless, you may elect to consult a lawyer for assistance in completing the paperwork or for legal counsel about financial arrangements or child arrangements. If you decide you require the assistance or counsel of a lawyer, you will also be responsible for their fees. Each business determines its own costs, so it is recommended to get quotes from many family lawyers in your area for the job you need done, and then choose the one that you believe gives the greatest value.

Mediation may also be a highly cost-effective and amicable approach to negotiate these types of financial and child arrangements directly with your ex-spouse.

Will I have to pay for further advice or assistance?

As previously said, mediation may help you and your ex-spouse agree on practical things like as child custody and financial settlements. This is often far less expensive than hiring attorneys, and the mediator helps you agree on a solution that is fair and acceptable under the circumstances.

Each of you will be charged £99 by AM Mediators for your MIAM and £99 per hour for the mediation sessions. The number of sessions required will depend on the complexity of the problems that need to be handled, however most difficulties can be resolved in two or three sessions.

With a Consent Order, the financial arrangements you achieve during mediation may be rendered legally enforceable. Your mediator will be able to provide you with an estimate of the cost, since it will depend on the complexity of the Consent Order. To apply for the Order, an additional court charge of £99 (April 2022) is required. It is highly suggested that you take this action to achieve a clean financial separation for both parties.

Unless there is a compelling basis for the court to intervene, mediation-agreed-upon child arrangements are not often converted into court orders, which would incur additional court costs of £209 (April 2022). Before the courts can schedule these sessions, it may take a considerable amount of time, and CAFCASS is likely to be involved.

When both parents agree on the arrangements and are willing to work together, it is often not in the best interests of the child(ren) to seek a court order. As the child(renrequirements )’s vary with age, the child(rearrangements )’s should be examined and altered. If the parents have difficulty communicating with one another, mediation may be an excellent and cost-effective approach to keep these talks focused on the needs of the child(ren) and establish an agreement that is, above all, in their best interests.

How may I get assistance to pay these costs?

The £209 court charge to file for a divorce might be prohibitive for those on welfare or with a low income. Although Legal Aid is not available to assist with these expenses, you may apply online for assistance with court fees if you have limited funds, get certain kinds of benefits, or have a low income. Here is a calculator that will determine the court charge reduction depending on your income and other personal variables.

If you are filing for divorce jointly, both of you must qualify for assistance with court expenses. If one of you is ineligible, the whole price must be paid. In this case, you would save money if the individual who is eligible for fee assistance submits the divorce petition in their own name.

Unless you are a victim of domestic violence, Legal Aid is often unavailable for assistance with attorney expenses.

However, Legal Aid is provided to low-income or benefit-eligible individuals for the expense of mediation. If you qualify for Legal Aid, the expenses of your MIAM and mediation sessions would be covered, therefore the mediation process will be free. Additionally, your Legal Aid would cover your ex’s MIAM and their first mediation session. Therefore, they would only be required to pay for future mediation sessions.


The cost of filing for a divorce is £99. This may be decreased, perhaps to zero, if your income is low and you have little savings.

Costing just £99 a session, mediation with AM Mediators is often a highly cost-effective method of settling practical concerns with your ex-spouse. If you are eligible for Legal Aid, mediation is free of charge. Even if you do not qualify for Legal Aid but your ex-spouse does, their Legal Aid will cover your MIAM and first hour of mediation.

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