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What is a metrosexual man?

Have you ever seen those men who look impeccable? Some people think they are gay, but they are metrosexual men. These men have medical procedures like a beard transplant to get the look they want. Their goal is to spend as much money as to look and smell good. They dress in original outfits with trendy colors and often wear accessories such as bracelets, watches, necklaces, rings, and even earrings. They care about every detail of their body and are sure everything is perfect. Some even opt for an eyebrow transplant to have a well-defined look. They eat healthy meals, do not drink alcohol or smoke, and go to the gym regularly. They are also men who are concerned about studying or updating their knowledge in a particular area of interest. For them, the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” says it all.

Is “masculinity” at risk?

That a man’s masculinity is defined as rough hands caused by his work, excessive body hair and a deep tone of voice is now obsolete. We often think of metrosexual men as gay, but a large percentage of heterosexual men who are concerned with taking care of their image exist. Masculinity has taken a new direction where the metrosexual man seeks to stand out in everything. Besides having a good presence, he strives to be successful in business. They are men who do not waste time on meaningless things and do not fall for provocations from other men. Psychologists explain that this new masculinity is born from the desire to be successful and the ways to achieve it. Men know image plays an essential role that helps them to do business with people of power.

What do women think?

While some women still prefer “rustic” men, an increasing number of women feel attracted to metrosexual men. Besides their image, these men don’t hesitate to do household chores such as ironing, washing dishes, and laundry, among others. They are men who are usually successful at what they do or are on track to be successful because they have a greater capacity for focus, perseverance, and determination. The problem with metrosexual men is that they are not willing to share their time with just any woman, so for a woman to “qualify” to date a metrosexual man, she must bring value to the relationship. Metrosexual men establish relationships with independent and successful women who, like them, care about their image. This is not vanity, but a lifestyle.

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